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These FAQs are based on questions submitted to the community.

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Q: I need to do a light level of curation on new submissions to our institutional repository. How should I begin?

  • See the Quickstart Guide section of this website for basic information about data curation, and resources to help you get started.

Q: Can I redistribute content with an Open Government License (OGL)?

  • Information and resources with an Open Government License (OGL) may be copied, modified, adapted, translated, published and redistributed. The information provider should be acknowledged, and if possible a link to the license should be provided. For further information, see Open Government Licence - Canada.

Q: Are the Creative Commons licenses appropriate for software?

  • The Creative Commons (CC) organization addresses this in their FAQ and recommends against using a CC license for software. CC licenses do not specifically address distribution of source code, or patent rights, and CC licenses are not generally compatible with many existing software licenses.
  • The Open Source Initiative maintains a list of open source licenses that are appropriate for software, which have undergone their ‘License Review Process’.