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This website is a space for research data management and curation practitioners to share resources related to the practice of data curation. The content of these pages has been provided by the community and curated by members of the Portage Curation Expert Group.

Getting started with data curation

Need to get up-to-speed with the basics of data curation? Explore the what is data curation page and the getting started guide with fundamental resources for new curators.

Lifecycle-based guidance

In-depth guidance and resources for data curators to support the various stages of research.

Tools and resources

A community-populated list of data curation software and guidance materials.

Community Q & A

Data curation questions submitted and answered by the data curation community and the Portage Curation Expert Group.

About this site

This website is developed and managed by the Portage Curation Expert Group (CEG) for the purpose of building data curation capacity and community across Canada. As part of the broader Portage Network, the CEG’s mission is to identify, evaluate, and promote best practices in preparing data and metadata for research, dissemination, and preservation in Canada, and strengthen a blossoming national network of data curators.

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